Client Testimonials - Business Development

"To ensure its success marketing must be aligned with the sales process and by working closely with the sales team Spirited Marketing was able to link these operations and ensure a return on investment.

"Lisa Robinson, Spirited Marketing's Principal was a very effective project manager prioritising work to deliver the best result for the company and working with other staff to ensure they met their deadlines. Her professionalism, her expertise, her tenaciousness and her attention to detail benefited the company in numerous ways. Lisa demonstrated to us on an almost daily basis just how important good and consistent marketing is to an organization and over the period that Spirited Marketing worked with Avand we more than doubled our revenues.

"With Spirited Marketing we were punching above our weight."

Chris Gorry, CEO, Avand (acquired by TechnologyOne)

"Spirited Marketing has been good for our brand and delivered measurable benefits both in improving relationships with existing clients and attracting new business.

"Spirited Marketing goes out of their way to deliver measurable benefits. Whether it is a telemarketing campaign, an event or a survey Spirited Marketing makes sure we capture the information on respondents and act on it. They also help us track new business back to the various marketing activities so we know the investment was justified and know what activities are likely to succeed in the future.

"We’ve always generated enough new business to more than justify an activity."

Col Hoschke, Director of Glenhaven Investments


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